Master Your Genius
Accessing Your Genius: Levels of Listening, Deep Inner Work, and Transformative Coaching
July 7, 2023
Join Rae Chois, a Master Certified Coach, and Keith Cornies in an enlightening episode of Master Your Genius. Explore accessing your genius, cultivating connections, and the transformative power of coaching. Discover the importance of questions, listening levels, and regulating the nervous system. Embrace ownership, align with core values, and select a trained coach for profound growth. Unveil the four levels of listening and unleash your greatest version. Access Rae's Masterful Communication Roadmap for game-changing coaching insights. Tune in, embark on a transformative journey, and unleash your genius.
Embark on an enlightening episode of Master Your Genius with Rae Chois, a Master Certified Coach, and Keith Cornies. Discover the power of accessing your genius and cultivating deeper connections through questions and the levels of listening. 

Explore the transformative potential of coaching and as Rae and Keith like to call it the “technology of the 21st century.” Learn how questions hold the key to unlocking profound insights and how focusing on them can lead to self-discovery.

Uncover the significance of regulating your nervous system, shifting from being a thermometer to becoming a thermostat that influences your mindset and manifests your desired outcomes.

Explore Keith and Rae’s coaching roots to becoming certified solution-focused coaches, including Rae's remarkable experience as a coach in the Olympics. Rae shares her personal realization of the distinction between merely doing coaching as a profession and truly embodying the role, embracing extreme ownership, aligning with core values, and taking responsibility for personal growth.

Gain valuable insights into the world of trained coaches and the dynamic structure of coaching sessions. Dive deep into building rapport, setting outcomes, exploring client values, and engaging in guided visionary work. Discover the immense significance of embracing self-coaching and doing inner work.

Unveil the power of deep listening as Rae and Keith explore the four levels of listening. Progress from listening to respond to accessing the higher self, unraveling your true potential for transformation.

Tune in to this transformative episode, unleashing your genius, forging meaningful connections, and embarking on an inspiring journey of self-discovery.


[02:12] Rae’s roots in coaching, the power of a question and “bliss-ipline”
[09:56] Be skeptical, the leadership thermostat and raising your vibration
[18:50] Our nervous system frequency and being above or below the line
[23:06] Coaching philosophy, deepening your connection to your inner world
[27:04] Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs) and Rae’s deep work
[40:20] How to choose a coach and the structure of coaching
[51:06] Coaching empowers, Rae’s free communication roadmap, program and gifts.
[58:29] Learning to be a coach for yourself and mastering listening
[1:04:49] Transcendent self awareness, accessing your genius and heart coherence
[1:09:40] Enlightened leadership
[1:25:40] Heart coherence for self-development; coaching with open heart.
[1:28:24] Unexpected transformative coaching experience leads to gratitude.
[1:34:44] Interview with Master Certified Coach Ray Choice


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